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Hurricane Preparedness Tips for This New Storm Season

It's an unfortunate fact of life in South Louisiana... Hurricane Season. Every June 1 through November 30, residents of New Orleans and South Louisiana keep a careful eye on the weather and storm predictions, as we know better than most how devastating a hurricane can be to our community. You don't have to live in fear, but it’s so important to be prepared when the storm season approaches.

Prepare now, stay safe later! Here’s how:

1.      Have a Plan

Think about options for evacuation, including various routes to take. Identify places that will allow pets (if necessary). Consider that hotels book quickly, and study both main and alternate routes.

2.      Pack Smart

If evacuating, pack a bag for each family member with clothing, personal items and medication. Pack your insurance documents, passports and other important documents and information in a file folder and keep everything together.

3.      Review Your Insurance

Review homeowners' or renters policies and ask questions before the start of storm season. Check on flood insurance and make sure you understand your coverage.

4.      Communicate With Family

If at risk of getting separated, consider having a family point of contact. Establish meeting places and set up a Facebook group or social media contact to inform family of your whereabouts.

5.      Hunker Down Correctly

If sheltering in place, ensure you have water, non-perishable food, batteries, flashlights, and other supplies for at least ten days. Refill medications in advance. Consider storm shutters if necessary. Trim trees and clean out storm drains before a storm is on the horizon. Make sure you have a radio in the event of power outages.

Storm season is tough, but New Orleanians are nothing if not resilient. A bit of preparation now could make all the difference later if a storm is approaching. The best part of being a New Orleanian is that we are all this together! Lean on friends, family and neighbors for valuable storm prep advice. You’ve got this.


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